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2 Jun

Albergue Triton Web – Nuevo Mensaje

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Albergue Triton Web – Nuevo Mensaje

Hola Mabel,
Nuevo mensaje generado desde la pagina Web :

Nombre : Rudolf Stevers
Teléfono : +31 6 23 99 15 91
Correo Electrónico : ruud.stevers@xs4all.nl
Asunto : Special breakfast
Mensaje : Dear hostel,
Hoping you do understand English, I would like to ask you a favour.
This evening my wife is coming to stay at your hostel. Here name is Teuny Dibbits. She is on a sabbatical journey traversing the Pyrenees. It happens to be her birthday tomorrow (becoming 63).
It would be very nice if you could serve her a generous breakfast, to celebrate. Would that be possible?
Of course I would like to pay for that. But maybe that’s difficult to arrange. I have discussed with my wive that in that case, you can add it onto the bill. We will settle it afterwards between us (although, of course, that will be a kind of a symbolic action ).

It would be a real treat to her if you manage to arrange it! Thank you very, very much if you could organise it.

Your sincerely,
Rudolf Stevers

(Ps, maybe google translate can help if English is not easy?)

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